In order to facilitate anonymous (or pseudonymous) communication between Proofgold network participants, the Proofgold software can be used to register usernames and associate them with public keys. After this the username can be used to post anonymously to the forum and exchange end-to-end encrypted private messages with other registered users.

The command newaddress can be used to obtain a new address (in the wallet) whose public key will be associated with the identity.

The command registerid can be used to associate the username with the (public key of the) address.

The command getid can be used to obtain the public key corresponding to a registered username.

The commands posttop and postreply can be used to post to the forum.

The commands pm and pmfile can be used to send another user a private message.

The commands getmessages and savemessages can be used to download (and decrypt) private messages left for a registered username.

To get further information about a command use help command.

In practice using these commands may look as follows:

If you want a regular user account on the forum, do the steps above and send a private message to BlakeKeiller containing the username and password you will use on the forum.